My mother taught me about the beauty of simplicity and of nature…  

To watch for fairies, and to believe in myself. She taught me to open my heart

to others and stand up for the things you trust are good and true. The importance 

of imagination and reading. To value traveling, adventures and other cultures. I spent my

childhood exploring in the forest, climbing rocks, sketching-painting-creating, and learning of the richness

of science.  She has taught me to be open minded, question existance and be determined and strong willed. My mother

is the bravest, most tender person in the entire world. She is everything I wish one day to be and admire. Thank you Mommy, for 

everything you have taught me, all of the trips to foreign lands you have shared with me, and for all of the love and support

you have given to me unconditionally.  I love you with all of my heart. And although you’re far away I know a part of 

me is always with you and you with me. I miss you! 




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  1. Melanie

    Angel times two

    My daughter……….my so beautiful daughter……..taught me to look beyond the concrete and see the myriad of deeper meanings…….to notice the shadows and to let them run free…….Imagination. Noticing the way the light dances…the leaf flutters…the infinite…….Finding the true meaning and letting the spirit soar. Never to settle. Never to accept less.

    To be strong is also to be fragile. To be open and to love comes with risks.
    Those who would take advantage…….the hurt who hurt…….She helped me learn to recognize….. walk away in those moments the world threatened to entrap me. She reminds me I have wings…..She whispers, “But Momma, you are so strong.”

    She who never looses sight of anything and sees beyond what most can see……..protector of the clan, loyal, steady, and fierce in her devotion.
    One who is nurtured grows to nurture in return……..

    With her I shared the pure joy of being two once again, through grown-up eyes but with a child’s soul. My most fun playmate……running after her, giggling,……..seeing through her eyes…….

    Her birth…….and then seeing her for the first time………such a flood of love and instant recognition and knowledge that we belonged together…….
    pure joy and euphoria…….beyond words or time………eternal….

    Little one, daughter, sister, friend……

    We run along side by side, together…….

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