April 4th, 2011

you were in my dreams again last night.

a powerful reverie of memories past. you were yourself as you always are, unlike the others who constantly shift in form… disguise themselves behind the eyes of others. No, but you, you are always simply yourself. And now all the shades of emotion I feel for you have pained me all day long, daunting me to reach out to you. but I know there is no catching you, no taming you, no future…no consistency for us to grow together.

At times I feel you as a warm gust of wind, lightly touching my neck and whispering to me secrets that only we know. Secrets so fragile, that neither of our mouths will ever say them out loud. And then, along with the breeze you are gone. Something deep within me urges me to chase after you, the thrill thumping in my chest, every bit of me awakened and alive, yet floating dreamily. A wish still wells inside of me as eager and innocent as it was from the very moment it was cast. a spell never to be broken, never to be forgotten, no matter how far apart nor how much time has passed. But in my mind, I am aware of the somber truth. and with this realization, the wind tumbles onward, lost again, but not forever.

you will always come back to haunt me, and remind me, of what could have been.



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One response to “April 4th, 2011

  1. Melanie

    Incredible piece of writing. I hope you are working on your first novel.

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