After months of feeling empty, broken. I packed my bags, stuffing them with my favorite delicate blouses flowing skirts, jean shorts, bathing suits, along with every bit of hope I had left in my soul. And as I flew away to the dreamlike islands of greece, I felt a lost wave of self-assuredness tumble through my body. What I found along this journey, was an inner solace, joy and that I had lost somewhere in giving too much of my heart to those who didn’t deserve it.

Somewhere along my journey, there was a moment. The type of moment where you feel alive, and pure and completely connected to the universe. In this moment, I remembered who I was, and who I had once believed and known I could be.  I remembered the inner light that had once shown so brightly. And for the first time, in a very long time, I felt happiness. This trip was healing in so many ways… it healed my soul. I believed in myself again. I felt free…

"Ballerina, you must have seen her... dancing in the sand"


We first traveled to Athens, where we visited the Acropolis…no less grand than an ancient palace of the Gods.

The Acropolis, Athens.

Next to an enchanting town on the sea, filled with narrow, winding mazes of cobble stone streets. And we explored ancient ruins and enjoyed whine tastings.



Exploring the ruins of Tierns

We then the lively island Mykonos. Here we discovered paradise (beach) and enjoyed a young and vibrant nightlife, and a little too much vodka and free ouzo with some friends we met along the way.

3 tickets to paradise please...

Next to the famed, romantic Santorini to gaze upon breathtaking sunsets. And lastly we stumbled upon a magical town on the island of crete…Matala.

Matala, Crete.

beads and sunshine

and danced under the stars. good vibes and whimsicality. joni mitchel and bob dylan once found inspiration here, and i can see why…

point of you.

dancing under a matala moon

my favorite hippie couple selling jewelry by the sea

my momma and i

“The sea was red and the sky was grey, wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today.” -Led Zep


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